Real Life Real Estate March 13, 2020

What in the Sam Hill is Going On? 10 “Imagines” to Help You Keep It Positive Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Welcome back! What a wild 2 weeks it’s been—travelling for my daughter’s volleyball, toilet paper shelves are empty, mortgage rates are falling, and the whole damn world is in a tail-spin! As if that wasn’t enough, we just had the last supermoon of this winter so people were acting bat-shit crazy, coronavirus is shutting down the world, and it’s Friday the 13th.

Now, I was going to write a stellar blog for you this week on my take on the age-old question, “So, are your fees negotiable?” But I am saving that bad boy for next time, because it seems like that is the last thing on everyone’s minds right now. So as I sit here reading emails from my kid’s coaches and schools about indefinite cancellation of all activities and wondering what the hell I am going to do with them at home, my mind starts to spin out of control and I basically just want to curl up and turn into my dog, Berkeley (seriously, he has it made)!

I don’t know how you’re coping after this week, but I honestly feel like I just got steamrolled by a Mac truck. It was a continuous stream of CNN (continuous negative news). Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the seriousness the COVID-19 for certain individuals, but I am absolutely confused by the guy buying 3 crates of unsalted butter at the grocery store today.

After so much negative, I think we need to end off the week with a little thing my husband, Kris, and I like to call KIP. That, folks, is Keep It Positive. When everyone is wondering what the hell is going to happen next and everything coming at you is negative, let’s be honest, it can really beat the crap right out of you!

So, because we are adults and we are supposed to keep on adulting, I really feel like there needs to be a strategy in place for times like these. That’s where the KIP method really comes into play! Instead of attacking each other and being consumed by the flood of negativity, imagine we took a step back and asked ourselves these “imagines” and how a slight change could have the world KIP-ing in glorious harmony!

10 “Imagines” to Help You Keep It Positive Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

1) Imagine no one shared any social media posts regarding viruses, diseases, and health concerns except the 100% fact-driven posts that come from qualified health professionals. Now, I admit, I am guilty of sharing the media-driven hysteria sometimes, too, but I am actively doing my best to refrain from it. As serious as this virus is, it is a virus, not a disease, and social media posts have taken it to the next level! Let’s do this and see what happens

2) Imagine people knew how to zipper merge and jackasses didn’t drive 50km in the fast lane? The thought of this has me beaming ear to ear. Imagine everyone keeping it positive all the way to and from wherever they are going—traffic flowing, no road rage, birds singing…you catch my drift.

3) Imagine teenagers didn’t say “just one second” every time you asked them to do something. I am starting to wonder if my kids understand the concept of time and that “one sec” goes by really quick. I am going to be a realist here and encourage them to use the phrase “in a minute”. There may be hope yet!

4) Imagine winter started Christmas Eve and ended January 2nd. This would basically be my dream come true. No further explanation needed.

5) Imagine if chocolate cake had zero fat and calories, and wine never gave you headaches! Okay, peeps, I know I’m not the only one that fantasizes about this. I get that I am not going to have my 20-year-old body , metabolism, and stamina forever, but a little help in this department would be great! I am all about a healthy lifestyle, but I am also about living. So eat the damn cake, raise your glass (alternating with water, of course), and know you are a beautiful, handsome, sexy rockstar no matter what shape or size you are!

6) Imagine if there were no mosquitos? I already have my speech planned out when I get to the other side

Dear higher power, there are so many amazing creatures in the earth, but I need to know what the purpose of those blood-sucking SOB’s is. In the circle of life, where do they fit in? Dragonflies can eat a tonne of other things; spiders, too! So besides being disease-carrying, summer-evening-destroying, skin-wrecking insects, why in tarnation do they exist? 

I’m not sure what kind of answer I will get, but I have to ask. The very thought of these demons becoming extinct is a KIP masterpiece in and of itself—a bug-spray-free, short-sleeve-wearing summer dream!!

7) Imagine the lady at Shoppers Drug Mart never ever ever again pointed to the 55+ seniors discount sign and asked if it applied to you. My 17-year-old had a riot with this one, as I asked the lady “You’re kidding, right?!” and speed-dialled for botox and filler. Would have saved me $2 though! Next time, KIP!

8) Imagine we could teleport to anywhere we wanted? Okay, hands down, this would be the best. I am not going to lie, every single time I travel and it’s time to go home, I turn to someone and say, “If I had one wish right now, it would be to teleport.” Seriously, this would be the cat’s ass! Families could be reunited at the snap of a finger, there would be no missed or delayed flights. Oh snap, I just put airlines out of business…

9) Imagine there were no bullies and people really loved and supported each other? This would make my heart so happy! Just imagine the smiles on every child’s face as they went out the door to school in the morning! People could open up and trust others to encourage and support them through anything. Now, that would be awesome!

10) Imagine no one went hungry and everyone had shelter. Imagine there were no illicit drugs, no crimes, and no sexual, verbal, mental or emotional abuse. Imagine there was no war, no sex trafficking, no child exploitation. Imagine there wasn’t such a thing as cancer or mental illness! Whoa, just think about that for a few minutes. How does it make you feel? A whole lot of KIP bits floating around, right?

I know this may sound impossible, but the thought of all these “imagines” puts me in a KIP state-of-mind and helps me get through rough patches like we are going through right now. I know this blog didn’t have much to do with Real Estate, but it had a hell of a lot to do with Real Life and for right now, I think that’s exactly what we need to focus on. Until next time, wash your hands—for 20 seconds with soap!—and spread some KIP vibes to the world!